Meet PTC, Our Most Powerful Trading Network Yet

Ever wanted to be part of a trading community that empowers you to take your trading to the next level? Now you can with our Private Trading Community, PTC for short.

We're delighted to introduce you to PTC, a closely-knit network of traders unlike any other. Be prepared to radically steepen your learning curve, and improve your trading performance as you mix with great people.

Tap into our vast and time-proven knowledge base, interact with us and your peers in a friendly, down-to-earth environment. PTC is not only a place where you progress in your trading career — it's also a network where you make real connections with like-mined people.


Regular Market Commentary & Analysis From Our Team

Expect regular analysis & commentary on the financial markets by our traders that's not shared elsewhere. As we navigate through the different markets we trade, we share our thoughts and ideas with our members within PTC.

Interact With Other Traders Like Yourself

PTC is the best and most authentic network where members actually meet and interact with other traders bearing similar interests & goals as themselves. It's an excellent opportunity to build your own network, from the ground up.

Get To See How We Think & Trade First Hand

Members of PTC get daily access to our views, opinions, and activity in the financial markets. Being a core feature, this greatly improves the learning process as members continuously learn not only from us, but from one another.

When we first floated the idea of PTC, we were overwhelmed because we saw the incredible amount of potential it had. Similar to why Business Of Finance was founded in 2014, PTC is centered around core values of helping you grow and progress in your trading career, the right way.

Having been in the business for more than a decade, we understand that the odds are simply stacked against you, the retail trader. This is why we're extremely passionate about PTC — it's hard not to when we're able to help hundreds of traders by fostering an environment that combines both authenticity and authority, whilst ensuring an experience that's as spontaneous as it gets in real life.


Redefining The Learning Process

The traditional learning process when it comes to financial trading has always been structured in a way that makes it unpractical and ineffective for learning in today's dynamic environment. The traditional approach has lost much of its relevance as times have evolved. Ever wondered why up to 94% of retail traders are unprofitable? A lot of it has to do with a flawed learning process that's still stuck in yesteryear.

PTC radicalizes this process. There are no textbooks, no tutorials, just a you and an amazing group of people who have positive real-life experiences in actually trading the markets. Because everyone's learning style is so different, PTC's open approach to sharing maximizes each member's learning potential. We strongly believe that the best way traders can improve their trading is by learning-on-the-go. PTC is always flowing and never static.


Improving & Becoming Smarter Everyday

Imagine how much you'd grow as a trader if you were able to learn something new each day. All successful traders know that learning is a never ending process, and that you stand a better chance at being profitable in trading if you constantly build up your knowledge whilst also learning from experience. This is exactly what's lacking in many traders, and is a gap no amount of textbook reading can fill.

PTC fosters continuous sharing of ideas, commentary & analysis, as well as individual experiences of members, all whilst markets trade in real time. You'll be learning from us as we analyze and trade ourselves. But don't forget that you'll also be learning from other members as they analyze, trade, and share. PTC creates this self-enriching experience for everyone, including yourself!


Never Navigate The Financial Markets Alone

Do you sometimes feel alone and isolated from the rest of society in the vast and dark oceans of the financial markets? Well, it doesn't have to be like that. Emotional and psychological strength plays a massive role in how well you trade in the long run. This is an issue many of us tend to ignore.

PTC spearheads this critical issue by organically being a cohesive and supportive network of traders just like yourself. Gone are the times where you have little avenue to express yourself as you navigate the markets. There will certainly be periods in your trading career where you become discouraged, and it'll be of invaluable counsel for you to know that we've got your back. PTC will always be there for you, when you need it most!

Trading is a profession that doesn't get its fair share of recognition from society, and is sometimes even deemed as "anti-social". It's a brutally tough industry to be in, and you should be proud of yourself for keeping at it! PTC can play an instrumental role in it.

It's easy and simple for you to start using PTC to your advantage. With all the benefits PTC brings to your trading, we wanted to make the experience as natural for you as possible. And we've done it!

Once you've join PTC as a member, you'll be inducted to its inner workings. Members can securely access PTC from their phones or computer. All we need from you is your active participation in discussions & dialogues. That way, You're guaranteed to gain tremendously. PTC works in a way such that you'll naturally be rewarded for your effort — the more you put in, the more you'll get out of it!

Members can also look forward to exclusive market analysis & commentary by our team on a regular basis, ontop of a plethora of other perks. Scroll down for the full spread!

Features Overview


Exclusive Member-Only Multimedia Content

Access powerful, timely, and relevant content delivered through a mix of visuals, video, audio, and traditional text. As we trade and analyze the financial markets, we're definitely going to generate plenty of our own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. As these come along, we'll be sharing them within the network so that you and other members can see how we think, what we do in terms of trading, and join in the fun. This allows for very meaningful and constructive discussions with infinite possibilities. Our non-exhaustive content can come in any form, shape, and size.


Instantaneous & Spontaneous Interactions

Enjoy the ease and accessibility of interacting with community members from your smartphone or computer, wherever you are. PTC's Instantaneous messages and media delivery ensure that the your experience is as close-to-life as possible, allow you to be totally immersed in discussions and exchanges. This is a major reason why PTC can so dramatically steepen your learning curve as a trader. For example, during important market events when such a setting matters most, we provide live real-time coverage of the event as we trade and analyze the situations. Such value cannot be found elsewhere, and we're proud PTC delivers it so fluently.


Insider Charts Fresh From Our Trading Desk

Gain valuable insights into what our traders see on their charts as they trade the markets. We place a huge emphasis on technical analysis because they are undeniably instrumental in every modern trader's arsenal. As seasoned technical analysts, we want to share these hard earned skills with you. Our insider charts and technical elements are not shared elsewhere, and are solely exclusive to PTC members. Our edge in the financial markets can too be yours, as you slowly acquire the proper way of analyzing price action and market structure. These insights are bound to give you an upper hand in your trading.


Audio Memos For Breaking Views & Analysis

Cover important market events like you've never before, especially when time is of the essence. Our audio memos are reserved for the most urgent of times such as during major event risks or when the situation calls for it. This is because there will be occasions where we won't have the leeway to share our thoughts and analysis in proper format, leaving audio memos as the last best option. Be empowered by the spontaneity of our breaking views. Imagine having a live squawkbox feeding you essential information, when you need it most. When we say PTC is a multifaceted platform designed and built for and by traders, we really mean it.


Regular Videos On Trades & Market Commentary

Experience PTC's most powerful feature, one that utterly destroys the competition — Professional commentary on the markets, technical analysis on price action, and our own trades, all through an easily digestible medium. You can look forward to extremely useful and enlightening content from our team that is made available right at your fingertips, and on a regular basis. PTC's exclusive video content covers not only the technical side of trading, but also the softer side of things. This includes our fundamental and strategic views, breakdowns of trades that we took or plan to take, our views and opinions on key market events, the list is endless. Our videos cover everything that is relevant to their goal in helping you gain a solid footing as a trader. Never has such powerful content been made so accessible to traders.


Connect Directly With Us & Community Members

PTC is primarily a community that orbits around a group of passionate traders who have common goals helping themselves and others improve in trading. PTC was designed by traders and for traders, fostering interaction that is both real and organic. This is where the potential of PTC become practically limitless as a platform for you to leverage on, in building up your trading career. Because PTC employs an open format, you can expect to get out more than you put in. The magic really happens when all members, us included, actively contribute to priming each other into our best forms yet. Look forward to an incredibly fulfilling experience!


Learn & Trade Alongside Our Trusted Team

We are what we consume. It's more than an adage. It's a fact. PTC provides traders with the best learning environment with out unorthodox but extremely effective approach to active learning. We believe that if you want to be the best, you simply have to learn and walk along side the best. We'll so confident in this, that we'll let our free content speak for our credibility. What you see is only a modicum of what PTC can value add to your trading career. We're not promising you a smooth sailing trading career, because that simply doesn't exist. We're guaranteeing you lifelong learning and progress!

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Remember, being a member of PTC is a self-rewarding experience that will hone your development as a trader. As they say, journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Let PTC be that one and only step! We hope to see you on board.