We place great emphasis on performance, and so do our clients. It is important that you have a good idea of our abilities and limitations. There is no holy grail to trading, and neither is there a perfect trading system. Getting past this myth is the first step in the right direction.

Our ability to generate outsized returns whilst properly managing risk, and to do so during periods when global markets have seen extreme levels of volatility and uncertainity, is a feat on its own. We are proud of this achievement, and clients can be assured that they are subscribing to a legitimate signals service with a proven track record.

Our Studious Trading Approach

Clients can look forward to trades that are held for longer than a day, as our approach is not primarily to day-trade or scalp. We scan for opportunities in the vast seas across more than 30 instruments.

We pay specific attention to risk management. Our team's number one priority has always been to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. We apply risk management techniques that aim to minimize uncomfortable periods of drawdown.

One of our key goals is to be able to justify our return-to-risk profile irregardless of the broad market cycle. We have proven that we can achieve this, and we want to share this edge with you.

Our approach to trading combines the best of both worlds: The fundamental pillar of macro analysis, and the controlled precision of technical analysis. Our Trading Team embraces a 60:40 balance between fundamentals and technicals.