Broad Market Coverage

We have up to 36 currency pairs on our watch lists. Our trading signals will cover more than 90% of the liquid Forex market. This allows our signals to be diversified even within a specific market. All 8 Forex majors are covered.

We also cover at least 8 CFDs on metals, energy, and the U.S. equity market. This gives our clients extra maneuverability and a wider scope of opportunities.

Exposure Disclosure

One of the most innovative aspects of our Premium Signals Service is its exposure disclosure feature. On top of usual time and price details, our trading signals also come with exposure disclosures to give clients a fuller picture as to how we are positioned in the markets.

Position sizing is an important element in successful trading, and we believe trading signals are not complete in essence without proper position sizing details. Business Of Finance are one of the very few signal providers that discloses position sizing details.

We wish to give our clients an extra edge by helping them position optimally with our trading signals. This comprehensive package will allow clients to make full use of each trading signal as they have a much fuller view.

Instantaneous Push Notifications

Our trading signals are automatically sent to our clients through their mobile device. This ensures that they have the highest chance of receiving our signals in the timeliest fashion, minimizing the possibility of missing a signal.

As these notifications have low latencies, clients will receive our signals almost immediately after they have been broadcasted. All you need is a basic Internet connection.

Uncompromising Support

Leave no doubt or question hanging with our dedicated 24/7 support. Our help and support team will always be there for clients when they need it most. We want to ensure that the overall experience for our clients goes as smoothly as possible, so they can fully utilize our trading signals with a peace of mind. Our clients should never have to worry unnecessarily.