Theses are the common questions our clients and prospective clients have. It should help you understand what our service is about and how it works.

For easier referencing, this FAQ page is broken down into 3 sections:

  1. Signals & Trading

  2. Billing & Payments & Subscriptions

  3. General & Miscellaneous

If you have questions that aren't already covered on this FAQ page, or if you require further assistance, please email us at

Signals & Trading


What are signals?

Our signals are updates we send to subscribers informing them on our trading activity. Our signals are not meant to be trade and investment advice. They should also not be interpreted as any form of trade and investment recommendation. This is an important distinction you should understand.


How should our signals be interpreted?

As we have previously clarified, our signals are not trade recommendations. You should therefore not interpret them in the same manner as trade directives. Rather, subscribers should view our Premium Signals Service as one that gives them private access to our trading activity vis à vis our privately managed portfolio.


Should I trade off the signals?

While we cannot advise on this, all subscribers should exercise care and due diligence if they choose to trade off our signals. We will not be responsible for any financial loss incurred as a result of trading under the influence of our signals. Trading on margin is inherently risky and may not be suitable for everyone.


Is there any sort of guarantee?

We are committed to providing our subscribers with a service of utmost quality. However, we do not and cannot guarantee anything related to our performance. This is because nothing is certain in the financial markets. We feel that imposing guarantees on performance or on similar fronts is a dishonest practice, serving nothing more than marketing gimmicks. Nothing is guaranteed in trading the financial markets.


How can I be assured that there's no conflict of interest?

Firstly, we do not receive commissions when we trade. This means there is no motivation to churn trades for the sake of doing so, even if it is against your interest. Secondly, the signals we send out are in fact the reflection of our own trades. It can be said that we trade our own signals. Our portfolio takes a hit for every losing signal, and makes a gain for every winning one. Many signal service providers do not trade their own signals.


What's the frequency of our signals?

Signals will come as we trade our portfolio. As long as there is trading activity in our books, there will be signals. We do not have a predefined minimum number of signals per day, week, month, and so on. Always remember that more trades do not necessarily equate to increased profitability. Over trading can have detrimental effects.


How will I receive the signals?

Our signals will be sent directly to your mobile number submitted during registration. Notifications are instantaneous as long as you have a decent internet connection on your mobile device or computer.


What instruments do the signals cover?

Up to 36 currency pairs, 5 CFDs on metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper), 3 CFDs on energy (WTI, Brent, Natural gas), and 1 equity index CFD (S&P 500). All 8 of the Forex majors are covered along with most liquid currency crosses; certain exotic pairs are included. We select instruments based on popularity amongst our clients and market liquidity (bid-ask spreads).


Will more instruments be added in the future?

Yes, that is a possibility. Instruments must meet our criteria of being liquid across the vast majority of brokers, and should be relatively standardized in terms of contract specifications. Instruments that trade 24/5 are preferred. The broad variety of instruments that we make our signals open to helps increase the scope of opportunities for subscribers.


What details are included in the signals?

We try to include as much relevant information in each signals for the benefit of our subscribers. Basic details include: Time and date; instrument; type of order (market, limit, or stop); prices (order, stop loss, take profit); position size (small, normal, or large). Specific updates on orders or trades will also be sent to subscribers. Once you're successfully subscribed, we'll send you a user-friendly guide including the full details.


What's the "Exposure Disclosure" feature about?

The Exposure Disclosure feature of our Premium Signals Service provides subscribers with secondary information on the position sizes for each trade or order we have. Proper position sizing is extremely vital to long term profitability, so we have added this exclusive feature to make our Premium Signals Service one of the most comprehensive out there. Most other signal services lack this feature.


Will signals be in the form of market or limit orders?

Both. We utilize both outright execution (market orders), and pending execution (limit orders) to trade our portfolio. We do not use stop orders to initiate trades. There is no fixed dispersion between the two types of orders.


Will there always be stop losses?

No. Our trading system does not make it mandatory for the placement of stop losses on each trade. Stop losses may be added to trades as the they develop but are very rarely set at inception.


When will I receive notifications?

You will receive instant notifications through your mobile device or computer when we: Open or close a trade through a market order, set a limit order, add stop losses and take profits to existing and pending trades, make any adjustments to existing and pending trades, and cancel pending trades.

Billing, Payments, And Subscriptions


What are the means of payment?

We currently only accept PayPal™ payments. PayPal™ is the world's most trusted and secure intermediaries when it comes to online payments. We have adopted this payment standard for both your security and convenience.


Do I need a PayPal™ account to make payments?

Yes for now. Although PayPal™ allows you to make independent payments using your credit or debit card, subscription type transactions require you to have an account with them. This is to ensure that you can cancel and manage your approved subscription payments and view all relevant details that is private to you. The entire process should take no longer than 5 minutes, and is extremely simple.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we're pleased to say that we offer a completely Free Trial for all prospective subscribers. No credit card or payment is required. The purpose of the Free Trial is to allow you to experience the full-fledged Premium Signals Service first hand, allowing for a more informed decision afterwards. We do not charge any fees for the trial period. Should you decide to continue using the Premium Signals Service after your trial has ended, you'll need to link PayPal™ account with us. We'll send you instructions on how to do so.


How long is the trial period for?

The Free Trial is currently for 3 calendar days. This means that if you sign up for a trial on a Saturday, it will end on the start of Tuesday. We therefore advise you to start your trial on a weekday. We reserve full and unilateral rights to alter or remove any aspect of a trial period.


What do I need to do if I wish to continue after the Free Trial ends?

You can proceed to make your initial payment through PayPal™. After which, you'll become a paying subscriber. Your subscription will continue as long as you maintain your automatic PayPal™ payment profile with us.


What are the choices of billing intervals?

There are 2 choices of frequencies - Monthly and yearly, in which you will automatically be re-billed at the start of each new interval. You will get 1 month's free subscription if you opt for the yearly option.


How will billing be conducted?

You will automatically be billed each interval (monthly or yearly) until you unsubscribe to our Premium Signals Service. Billing done will be through your credit card or PayPal™ balance, whichever you used to make your first payment.


Are subsequent recurring payments fixed?

Yes. Your initial payment will be the amount that shall be re-billed each interval (monthly or yearly). This will continue until, for whatever reason, you are no longer subscribed.


Can I change my payment intervals?

Yes, you can freely switch from monthly to yearly or vice versa. Email us at with your specific instructions. Include your personal particulars including your full name you registered with, your 4-digit unique ID which was assigned to you at the start of your subscription term. We will then advise you on how to proceed.


Do we provide refunds?

No. In our Terms & Conditions, it is explicitly highlighted that we strictly abide to a "no refunds" policy. Payments that have been made to us are non-refundable under any circumstances including, but not limited to, personal dissatisfaction of the Premium Signals Service, and errors on the part of our subscribers. We will however make all efforts to engage in purposeful resolutions should the need arise. You will need to agree to this condition before you sign up for our Premium Signals Service.


Why don't we provide refunds?

For the fairness of both parities, we assume you have done adequate due deligence before making the decision to subscribe to our Premium Signals Service. This is also the reason why we provide potential subscribers with a non-obligatory Free Trial where they are inducted in the full experience of our Premium Signals Service just as a paying subscriber would. You have every right and choice to opt out of the service before your trial period ends with absolutely no penalties. We basically ensure that you have ample time and personal liberties to make a proper decision.


Are there any other hidden charges?

No. There are no hidden or surprise charges and fees for our Premium Signals Service. Whatever you see is whatever there is.


Is there a penalty for termination?

No. There is no extra charge whatsoever if you choose to terminate your subscription.


What happens if I stop making payments?

You will be automatically unsubscribed from the service until you reinstate your subscription. You can do so by going through the same process you did previously. Lapses in regular payments may happen because you manually terminated your subscription, or because of issues with your credit card.


How do I unsubscribe if I choose to?

You may unsubscribe by emailing us at with your specific instructions. Include your personal particulars including your full name you registered with, your unique 4-digit ID which was assigned to you at the start of your subscription term. We will then advise you on how to proceed.

General & Miscellaneous


When did the Premium Signals Service officially start?

21 September 2015. Subscribers who began their subscriptions before the commencement date have had their subscription terms extended on a pro rata basis in any event that they opt out of the service.


How do I proceed after payment?

Once we have received and processed your payment, you will be contacted through email. Further instructions on how to proceed, and on how to use our Premium Signals will be communicated through email. Our team has engineered the entire process to be as smooth and seamless as possible, so rest assured.


How do I update my personal particulars should there be changes?

Email us at informing us on the details of your updates. Include your full name you registered with, your 4-digit unique ID which was assigned to you at the start of your subscription term. Important updates include changes to your email address and mobile number. Failure to notify us on such changes may cause undesired interruptions to the service on your end, so please remember to keep us informed.


Why provide a Premium Signals Service?

We get this question a lot. Up to 96% of retail traders lose money over time. The general rule of thumb being, 90% of retail traders lose 90% of their money in 90 days, holds true. When we first started our Premium Signals Service, we had the intention of helping traders become profitable by lending them a helping hand. We believe that the experience of trading profitability itself can lead to self-sustainability in the long run.


Do we offer so-called "trade copier" services?

No, and we have no plans for that in the future. The primary reason why we are not advocates of such copier services is because there is always an implicit conflict of interest. Such service providers earn by commissions on each of their trades. They are hence motivated to take plenty of trades even if it does not benefit their clients. Most of these so-called trade copier service are not profitable; clients loose money over time.