The Secret To Success In Life

These are just my views, not yours, not anyone's. Take it for what they're worth and nothing else.

Be happy. Always be happy. In life, perspective is not everything. It's the only thing that really counts. This is all so true in an increasingly materialistic world, where society measures "success" by the number of digits in your bank account, the credit card you overtly swipe a posh dinner restaurant, or by the car you drive. Easier said than appreciated.

Much of what I'm about to write in this somewhat more personal piece can be summarized rather articulately by Salomon Alejandro, a person I regard has having attained success in his life.

Note: Video contains mature content

Work harder

Isn't it absolutely difficult to remain objective instead of visceral in the heat of all that social pressure. It's pretty darn difficult I'm telling you. Those that are able to properly define what they REALLY WANT to achieve in life, and are committed to working their arses off to make their goals a reality, are usually the happiest people around the block.

I mean take a moment to observe those around you, the people you know, remotely or so. Are those hard workers, and tough grinders ironically happy fellas? Yes, they complain from time to time, but they ALWAYS SEE PROGRESS in life. Whatever form that progress may engender. And I personally take pride and joy in progress.

In life, you spend most of your time working towards an end goal - precisely why people say "it's all about the process". The outcome, the goal, the destination slowly fades into secondary importance like you're never going to see a man becoming wealthy by wanting to becoming wealthy. Never.

When I first founded Business Of Finance, it wasn't at all my intention to monetize content, or to collect fees from selling trading signals. Business Of Finance was founded on my 8 years of ardent passion for the financial markets and the business of trading and portfolio management. I wanted to share what I was excited (and of course to some extent, good at) about. Did it take a lot of work to get Business Of Finance from where it was almost 16 months ago to where it is today? You bet. But did I enjoy the process. Hell yes I did. Hell freaking yes.

Nothing good comes easy. No mentionable or honorable goal should ever be achieved like a walk in the park. Then why set goals that are easily obtainable? It doesn't make an iota of sense to set stupidly early goals. You're deluding yourself that way.

All successful people work hard. Deep down in their subconscious being, they've grown to enjoy work. If you're not getting what you envisage, work harder! Just work harder. Always do, because there is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK. 

I'm a damn firm believer that if you work hard for a long enough time, there is no way success won't eventually find you. Very few are willing to work hard. Automation and technology has made us all lazy. You're are already ahead of the pack if you're a hard worker.

Free time is the enemy of progress

Work ethic is everything to me. Every hour that isn't productive is time wasted. Don't confuse needed rest time with free time. Free time as in times when you're shrouded with boredom, dying to kill time. Like lying around in bed flicking through your phone on social media or watching videos for hours straight with absolutely no attention spent on the things that really matter. Or worse still, you assume the things that need work have already been settled. Really? Do you have that little things to do in life?

I mean let's face it, even the busiest most driven people have times when they feel jaded. But it rarely happens. And when it happens to them, it's usually for family or social time. If you find youself having way too much free time on a daily basis, then something is truly wrong with your life. Tragically wrong.

Free time is really the enemy of progress. To progress in life, you need to be active. You need to be always doing something. Something productive, something that adds value in anyway to your life. Be it working a day job to accumulate savings, learning a new skateboard trick just because you so love the sport, or working on an idea with your mates hoping that it one day reaches incubation stage.

To be good at something, you need to exercise. To be a master, you need practice. Repetition, regimes, discipline, and progress. Life without progress is not life.

If you have so much free time, it only means you're extremely inactive. Inactivity breeds comfort. Comfort breeds complacency. Complacency breeds stagnation. Rinse and repeat. Rome wasn't built by fat lazy laborers.

Outcome driven BUT process orientated

This principal is almost universal I dare say. Like in trading and portfolio management, the more intent you are to wanting to make loads of money from the markets, the less likely you actually are going to do so. Strange huh? In some aspects, an infatuation of an outcome can lead to myopia.

Continuing on our story, we of course have goals for Business Of Finance to grow into something more significant. However, what really matters to us and to our viewers is how we work towards our goals. I can't stress how important a correct orientation is.

When Steve Jobs was still alive and working his body and soul off on Apple, I'm sure his day-to-day thoughts weren't about building the world's highest capitalized and most profitable company. It was probably along the lines of making the most brilliant, cutting edge and innovative products for his customers. Apple's success was the cumulation Job's unquenchable thirst to produce nothing but the best most extraordinary consumer products.


Is the glass half empty or full? Is the sky partially sunny or gloomy? Is warmth the absence of cold or presence of heat. We often take an eternity to realize that the hardest problems in life can often be squared by a simple change in perspective. Like in the business of trading and portfolio management, our approach bears great weight.

Does owning a million dollar super car necessarily make you a successful individual? Does being a multi-millionaire boss of a business necessarily make you a successful person? Does being settled into the heart of the latest social media craze necessarily make you successful? Well, yes... But only if those were your one of your goals in life. The answer is no in most cases. 

I'm concluding it here. Much of what I wish to say has already been better articulated by other much more accomplished individuals, people that I have immensely reverence for. Not because of their material possessions, but because they had the resolve to go against the grain of how society has wired our brains.

As I've already espoused, it's not easy nor something very socially acceptable to embrace a variant perspective. But just know that you're living your life, not anyone's else. Nobody should have more say in your life than you yourself.

You define what's success for yourself. Whatever it is, stay happy always. Because not one single successful person in the history of humanity doesn't live a happy life. Material wealth has zero relationships to success.

Till greater days!