Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

NB: I'm journaling this last entry for 2015 as I make my way into the heart of the city for a good night's partying! The feel is definitely there folks, but why not one last goodbye to what an amazing year 2015 has been? Enjoy the spontaneously penned read!

Time really flies! We're a mere 4 hours from turning the page into 2016 and what an epic year 2015 has been on all fronts. But first we must celebrate our One Year Anniversary here at Business Of Finance by popping a Dom Perignon! A toast to our team for making it through what has been a rather spicy year. And we kid you not, we throughly enjoyed 2015. It has been a blast!

For those who joined us in December last year, when we were just a little modest blog, you have seen for yourselves how we grew and transformed what we were then to what we are today. The future that beckons of even more adventures, risks, and rewards welcomes when the ball drops in Times Square (although we're not based there).

But on a more encompassing note, 2015 was a lexicon of events that have brought both the good and bad side of humanity to light. At the end of the day, or more aptly the year, the light always emerges at the end of the tunnel however dark and cold it was. Good will always prevail over evil as long as the spirit of humanity lives on.

Looking back, we weathered through some pretty grim things like the Ebola epidemic earlier in the year. Africa, then the hot spot for the epidemic, is now almost free of the virus thanks to vaccines that were quickly distributed by big pharmaceuticals and a concerted effort by local and global bodies to stem the spread of that terrible virus. It was unprecedented how strong the world remained through that time of darkness.

Terrorism, a major topic through 2015, sent shockwaves of fear and hatred throughout all out continents. From the widely covered events of France (Charlie Hebdo, Paris Terror Attacks), to the tens of thousands that have died in the gruesome armed fighting in the Middle East. 2015 was a period of darkness in that aspect, but from this darkness, solidarity all from individual to national levels sprouted forth with great finesse, rising above a growing threat of radicalism and wicked indoctrination.

2015 was also the hottest year on record, yes, the hottest. There were plenty of natural disasters battering our lands and prosperity but the rebuilding came quickly. Importantly so, each time nature kicked us in the rear, we were able to recover stronger than before. Progressive adaptation is what we're very good at as a species, and it's what will preserve the human genome for eons to come.

On technology and science, huge milestones ranging from consumer level to industrial level were achieved. The rise of artificial intelligence, or robots as you'd like, saw no stopping this year. Some fear the eventual domination AI will possess over humans but robots have brought so much good to the world; drones being one. Advancements in medicine and deeper knowledge of likely subjects was also prevalent.

In space exploration, 2015 was ballistic. A few days ago, Elon Musk's SpaceX managed to launch its own rocket into low orbit, deploy 12 commercial satellites, and was able to achieve a crucial landing back on Earth all in one piece. Earlier this year, another of SpaceX's rocket suffered a catastrophic event while attempting to make a landing upon reentering Earth's atmosphere. Space exploration is a mega theme that we wholeheartedly believe will take the rest of this decade by storm, not only because of the whacky idea of finding extraterrestrial life outside the known human cosmos, but because there is a literally a universe of the undiscovered outside our planet that we, for the last millennia, have only been scratching on the surface.

In sports and recreation, official records were broken, new all time bests were set, sensational headlines of doping charges and what nots. From the local to regional to international stage, it is safe to say that humans as a whole are gravitating towards a more active lifestyle, platitudes of couch potatoes hooked on technology aside. It's definitely a move in a positive direction.

For the global economy and financial markets, 2015 was pretty much a cesspool of interweaving, nausea-inducting gyrations. It was also when the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. Periods of intense fear, greed, crowded trades, pain trades, and just plain old hoping for the better bestowed most of 2015. As both participants and commentators, it's been a fun year for us, and we bet for more than a handful others too!

So to summarize the principal of everything, let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, love and respect each other, look forward to progress, but never forget the lessons the past has taught us. Happy 2016 folks! Stay safe whereever you are in the world, and we'll catch you in 2016.