It's Been Awhile Since

Three years ago I used to pen pieces that were tangential to the markets and finance on a regular basis. I maintained a fringe blog, if you wanted to call it that, on a trading forum that has now gone dormant. But that was way before this.

So much has happened within this hiatus of the pen. I've been through multiple smaller and shorter cycles in my career in finance that have shaped the cornerstone on while I currently stand. I've learned that to be good at something, we've got to be willing to spend a good deal of time and effort in learning that craft; luck is occasionally involved but I wouldn't count on it every time. Rome wasn't built in a day, folks.

After being exposed to the unmerciful roughness and mental totem that is the financial markets for over more than half a decade, and despite having made and lost exorbitant amounts of money, this is in and of itself already a litmus test. A test of commitment, and the manifestation of passion for the trade; I'm very glad to still have my skin in the game.

In any trade as uncertain and tricky as being a self-directed trader and investor, where you are solely responsible for the results, or any sales-commissions based job in property or financial advisory services for the matter, there will be many new entrants and just as many who throw in the towel. Turnovers may vary in accordance to the specifics of the trades; but one this is certain: Many give up along the way.

This is a tricky thing to even opine on because everyone's circumstances do differ to some extent. The fact is that we could speculate on the what ifs and the permutations of could haves/would haves/should haves, but we never know, because there was only one terminal outcome after all was said and done. It is only in retrospect that we will have the faintest clue to the correctness or wrongness of our decisions; but that's besides the point.

This is the main reason why I titled this space "The Business of Finance". Yes, this space does deal a lot with the financial markets and the likes but nothing can ever escape the gravity of Business. In fact, I believe that there is a Business to everything in life, including life itself; and I would not hasten to junk these into the cliche bin. Successful individuals tend to conduct their lives in a certain manner, which explains their state of accomplishments.

Finance and financial planning can be very flummoxing and dreary topics to think about, this is why I think a good majority of folks shun this aspect of their lives. But there is also a certain group of like-minded fellows who tend to take this topics seriously because they understand the value of the future by investing time, effort, and resources in the present. I want Business of Finance to reach out to this specific group of people.

After more than 6 years of practical experience in the markets as a self-directed discretionary trader in the FX and US equity and equity options markets, I have found the journey to be extremely worthwhile thus far. I have garnered a lot of information and applied them to my knowledge base. I've learned from painful mistakes that have both stabbed the heart and broke the bank. Business of Finance is merely an avenue for me to make the lexicon of knowledge available to the sincere and willing. This is not a fast-money blog, nor is this a space to share punts; those were the heydays but I don't have fond memories of those times, strangely enough.

The once glowing vacuum tubes have gone cold and frigid. It is high time I warm them up again, this time with a greater purpose. To educate, to share, and to grow. After having written hundreds of pieces back in the days, I found the act to be self-beneficial. I would have my thoughts streamlined - something my neurons would never naturally do. I developed the habit of conceiving ideas from the many trains of thoughts that emanated from tunnels of the void, and I subsequently transferred those ideas from paper to the markets through structured positions; some were winners and others not so. Once I got the hang of that, it became a very fun thing to do with regularity.

My expertise is obviously in the domain of trading and investing. I have more knowledge and know-how working with certain markets and financial assets, and less with others. I'm not setting any limits to what Business of Finance will encapsulate because I will write on whatever I feel has the inertial to propel my interest beyond the superficial. If past is indeed prologue though, whatever that is going to transpire should span a wide spectrum. For instance I have written a missive on the revelations of American cyber espionage ala Edward Snowden when the story was still in its infancy; and a 28-page paper on the misunderstands of monetary finance and the delusions surrounding gold.

Of course, being a licensed Financial Adviser in Singapore does give me broader reach and insight into financial planning on main street, and also on high street as I deal with clients from many walks of life. Insurance and wealth management is not discussed broadly, as such I will occasionally share about these topics in a format the layman would appreciate.

Ultimately, Business of Finance wants to empower individuals to make their own informed decisions and develop tool sets that will remain with them for life. Systematic solutions amidst chaos indeed!