Grexit, U.S. & Canada Contraction

Grexit, U.S. & Canada Contraction

Greece is now back in recession while a €1.5bn IMF payment looms just 2 days away. Greece, now led ever deeper astray by a stubbornly defiant Government, is undeniably the champions when it comes to perpetually kicking the can down the road.

Tuesday's data showed that inflation in the currency union warmed to 0.3% YoY from 0.2% in April - yet another sign that Greece is being left far in the wake of a ship that has long set sail.

The toil of staying in the Eurozone, being in a constant and never ending tug of war, and having to cede to the demands of its creditors whom will ultimately have their way just adds fodder to the chimeric spirit of a once independent and free Greece.

All these indicates to us that the risk of a Grexit (Greek Exit) has never been greater, although it might not seem so on the surface.The impetus to leave the Euro and write off just about all of its external liabilities looks to be the path of least resistance to us. The upside risks of a Grexit is undervalued and which probabilities are overly discounted.