Europe On The Brink: €1.1 Trillion Bazooka & Greek Elections

Europe On The Brink: €1.1 Trillion Bazooka & Greek Elections
  • ECB to buy €60bn/month in assets
  • Purchases will be conducted "until we see a sustained adjustment to path of inflation"
  • Purchases to last until September 2016
  • ECB rates have reached lower bound
  • Sees sizable increase in ECB's balance sheet
  • Eurozone risks on the downside
  • Annual inflation is expected to remain very low or negative in months ahead
  • Volume of QE is in ballpark of getting ECB's balance sheet ti levels of early 2012
  • There has to be a program to buy GGBs; there is also an issuer limit
  • Don't have any special rule for Greece
  • Will buy bonds with negative yield

A quick take: Slightly more than expected per month, with a slightly shorter duration than expected, amounting to just about €1.1 trillion over 16 months, which is a tad on the low side to the super-aggressive expectations of €1 trillion per year. Furthermore, as expected there will be partial risk-sharing. It is still unclear what are the embedded conditions regarding purchasing Greek or other "risky" bonds.

Swiss Franc Rises Most On Record As SNB Kills Currency Peg

Swiss Franc Rises Most On Record As SNB Kills Currency Peg

We are shocked, shell shocked in utter dismay; while we were still updating our memorial piece on the Charlie Hebdo attacks news so big and unprecedented broke, that we had no choice but to shelve all immediate plans and cover this extremely nerve wrecking story. In our more than 6 years in the financial markets, we have NEVER seen anything as ginormous as the move in the Swiss Franc has been. Something as innocuous as decoupling one's currency after 3 years of the status quo has turned out to be what will go down the history books.

The bottom line is crystal clear, almost nobody had guessed the SNB's hand in today's shocking move; and we suspect the SNB better gear up with some physical protection as we smell Molotov cocktails and napalm bombs when trading closes later and the full scene of the vicious carnage is laid fully bare for all to see.