The World's Greatest Fears

Following last week's post about how crowd sourcing technologies helped indexed the various costs of livings across the world, we now present readers with the World's most feared subjects. Although lacking in clarity in which articulate information was sourced from, the infographic does provide a reasonable context to the subjects of the greatest repulsion. With the brutality of terrorist groups like IS now all apparent, fear has become a dominant subject across many maters as we progress into 2015.

We believe the gradual migration towards a risk-based rather than a reward-based mentality will continue, and should ultimately filter up into the decisions making processes of governments and shape the policies undertaken. In the business community however, fear still takes the back seat. Thankfully.

Content courtesy of Visual Capitalist:

What are the greatest fears by country? Today’s infographic shows that throughout the world, people are concerned about very different things.
By region, North Americans and Europeans are generally most fearful of inequality. However, each other region had their own number one perceived fear. Africans, not surprisingly, were most afraid of AIDS and other diseases. South Americans were most afraid of nuclear warfare and Asians were most afraid of pollution and environmental concerns. Lastly, people in the Middle East were most concerned about religious and ethnic hatred.
Culture and history also makes the fears of specific countries to be more heightened. More than half of Lebanese people (58%) fear religious and ethnic hatred the most. 49% of Japanese people most fear nuclear weapons. In Spain, where 51.4% of youth are unemployed, it is not surprising that 54% of Spanish people fear inequality the most. Spain is also where the fear of inequality has grown the fastest – it has increased 27% in the last seven years.